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Answers to your questions

  • When can my child apply for their permit? License?
    Your child is eligible to obtain their learner's permit once they have turned 15 years and 6 months. Your child is eligible to test for their license after they turn 16 years old, and have held their permit for a minimum of 6 months (assuming all other requirements (driver's ed, etc.) have been met.
  • What do I do after I have completed driver training at Danville Driving Academy?
    Upon completion of your final behind-the-wheel drive, you will be given your final certificate of completion. We will generally mail these out, but if time allows, we will provide it at the end of your session as long as no other scheduled drive time is impacted by doing so. You will need to keep this in a safe place, and not lose it. The BMV will require you to provide those document to them when you arrive for your final driving exam at the testing site.
  • Does Danville Driving Academy take on-line students for behind-the-wheel (BTW) driving instruction?
    Danville Driving Academy has limited resources, and we utilize those resources toward our full program students primarily! However, our schedule may not always be full, so we would be happy to help you if our schedule allows for it. You are welcome to send us an e-mail ( to inquire on availability.
  • Does Danville Driving Academy offer on-line or virtual classroom instruction?
    While we appreciate the convenience of on-line instruction we believe in the benefits of traditional classroom settings where our trained instructor(s) can ensure that your child is progressing in their knowledge and understanding. We are confident that our small class sizes, limited distractions, and student-to-teacher ratio will serve your child well in our driver education program. We are able to better engage with each student in this environment, and hold meaningful discussions which are important in developing a solid understanding on various topics.
  • Can my child complete a class session and drive with an instructor on the same day?
    A student may not, by Ohio law, attend a classroom session and drive on the same day. A student may not receive more than 4 hours of instruction in a 24 hour period per State law.
  • What happens if my child misses a class?
    Danville Driving Academy offers one course session (consisting of 6 classes) per month. If a student misses a particular class (i.e. Class #4 of 6), he/she would make the class up the following month. However, a student may not progress to the driving stage until the following month after that class is made up (per Ohio law). If at all possible, we strongly encourage all parents and students to look ahead in their schedule to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts with scheduled classes. We understand emergencies happen, but aside from those we strongly encourage students and parents to prioritize driving school in your schedule ahead of time. We want our students and their parents to have a smooth, and enjoyable experience!
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