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Class Format

Danville Driving Academy will plan to offer a new drivers ed session at the beginning of each month. The start date of each class will be announced through Social Media Pages (Instagram and Facebook -"Danville Driving Academy") as well as our website.  Students will attend 6 in-person sessions spread over a two week time frame followed by two weeks of behind-the-wheel training. Each class session meets from 4:00 pm - 8:15 pm (allowing for a 15 minute break per law) totaling 24 hours of in-class instruction time as required by the State of Ohio. Behind-the-wheel training time slots will be finalized pending the course material’s completion.

The State of Ohio recently passed a bill mandating students complete all 24 hours of classroom instruction before they are allowed to start behind-the-wheel training. Therefore,  as a class, all students will move from the classroom phase, to the behind-the-wheel training phase together. Parents will choose from available drive times for their child, ideally one two-hour drive and two three-hour drives, totaling  8 hours as required by Ohio law.

A few important things to note regarding the schedule: As there is only one class per month offered, it is important that your child not miss a class session. If your child should be absent, they must wait and make that class up the following month, delaying their ability to schedule behind-the-wheel training. This is strictly enforced and monitored by the State of Ohio. Please ensure when registering your child, they have no scheduled conflicts. Regardless of the event causing an absence, the session must be made up before behind-the-wheel training can begin (State law), and training must be completed before a Certificate of Completion can be provided.

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