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405 S. Market Street

Danville, Ohio 43014




  • Checked frequently, and the quickest form of communication. Please feel free to send any questions or concerns you may have.

Tel: 740-481-1250

  • It is possible your call will go to our google voicemail if we are driving with a student, or teaching a class. Please leave a message if we are unable to answer, and we will do our best to return your call within one business day. We will strive to answer all calls if available to do so. We value customer service, and want this to be a smooth process. Please note that we will not return a phone call after 8:00pm unless your voicemail indicates approval to do so.

  • You are also welcome to send a text message to this number, and we will return your text as soon as it is safe to do so.

Danville Driving Academy is held in the Danville Local Schools administrative office building located at 405 S. Market Street Danville, Ohio 43014. Students will enter door #1 which is the furthest door to the right when facing the building from east side of the high school on Serilda Street. Please see the picture below for a visual aid to locate our classroom.

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